Our Beliefs

At East Huntsville we strive to be faithful Christians in every aspect of life.

The Old Testament (Old Law) was inspired and written for our learning (II Tim. 3:16-17; Romans 15:4). We study it in Bible classes and use it in preaching. However, we recognize that it was fulfilled and abolished on the cross (Col. 2:14, Eph. 2:14-15). The New Testament is our guide in all matters of faith and practice. We do not adhere to nor accept as authoritative any man made creeds.

Churches, as described in the New Testament, are composed of people who have obeyed the gospel and become disciples of Jesus Christ (Acts 2:47, 14:21). Paul described several groups of disciples as churches of Christ (Rom. 16:16). This was an appropriate description because these churches belonged to Christ in a special way. Jesus had saved them when they obeyed the gospel and as a result they were added to his church (Acts 2:47).

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